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IGS Events...

Emergency Service Rescue Project

Board Meetings: 1st Sunday of the month.



Welcome to the IGS (In God's Service) website, we are a non-profit organization building harmony through communities working together.

With today's ever growing decline of private donations and slashed Government funding, it's critical that we work together as individuals in our community and create harmony from within.

Honestly, we can't expect our great country and Government to keep funding everything, if we work as a group, we should never have to take Government/taxpayer money to create harmony in communities, it's ours and yours. Please be part of any single project that helps another and join in with this awesome planet called earth.

IN SHORT: IGS really means in the service of your God. Only you can decide what God that is! We're not here to judge your God or ask you to worship our God, we're here to create a harmony where there's way too much division. We are not a religion, we are a faith based not-for-profit organization reaching out to help where there's a need!



We're working on rebuilding
some new board members!

A special shout-out to the:
Chicagoland Skydive Center
Thanks for the awesome venue & your help,
we'll definetly be back next year.

Radio Media Ad

Dispatch Article 5/3/14

Thank you Leon Langerstam,
The article was fun and your words are kind!

QC Times Article 5/6/14



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