My name is Jacob Pirmann; I am a current firefighter for Silvis, IL. I've developed a not-for-profit project through In God's Service, Inc.. I'm seeking the support of all emergency services for membership in this rescue project. The project is called Emergency Service Rescue Project. This project will benefit everyone involved. Emergency Service Rescue Project will show people the true humanity and compassion of men and woman in our emergency services, while improving fire departments, burn units, and people with lack of insurance across the country through our support. We may not be able to help everyone all at once, but we can help one at a time if need be?

Benefits to the department involved...
Our primary goal is to have a drawing every other month for our members (departments) of $25,000 / which would to be used for equipment and support to local firefighters and burn units. Departments will be awarded with a certificate of membership and recognition of the help given in all events for each year and making it possible for this project to continue providing financial rescue in rare cases of injury and/or property damage to those with a lack of insurance.

We all know that emergency services are the first to arrive and provide physical rescue to those in need. The Emergency Service Rescue Project provides a way that we also provide after disaster financial rescue as we partner with different equipment companies for specialized rescue equipment and construction companies for property damage. Also, we will be involved with the financial support for those in critical need of help for injury. 

Emergency Service Rescue Project will mainly be used for improvement of emergency services, along with the financial contribution to burn units from the individual departments that are drawn each month. Once more, all sponsors who become a part of this project will expand the assistance in helping rare cases of no insurance.

Once we reach a minimum of departments to say yes to our membership drive, we will proceed with this project, which is only an annual fee of $40 per year (not a month, a year.) If we fall short of our membership goal we will be adjusting our drawing totals based on memberships at that time. Please consider joining this nobel project, it's a win for everyone!

Download our latest ESRP brochure (Image below) & membership card:
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