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KAMY is the worldwide leader in manufacturing hydraulic cutters, road headers, tunnel support systems, and other specialized machinery used in the tunneling, mining, and construction industries. Through KAMY’s years of experience and innovative thinking, we can provide custom engineered solutions for nearly any project requiring rock excavation or concrete demolition.

KAMY is the leading manufacturer of roadheaders in the weight class of 13-80 tons weight. Our roadheaders offer interchangeable cutter heads, both transverse and axial and are custom engraved for each project. Our hydraulic cutters are suitable for material with uniaxial compressive strength ranging from 500 to 25,000 pounds per square inch. All of our products can be utilized in a variety of applications from rock excavation, trenching, demolition and concrete, to underwater cutting, tunneling, and scaling.

SMART (Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel), Kuala Lumpur

The tunnel will be closed to motorists. Once all vehicles have vacated the tunnel, automatic water-tight gates are opened to allow floodwater to pass through. CONSTRUCTION. Kuala Lumpur sits on karstic limestone with a high ground water table. For this kind of geology it was decided that tunnel boring machines ( TBMs) ...

Microtunneling | Learn About Sewer Construction Methods | The City ...

Microtunneling is an effective method of installing pipelines beneath highways, railroads, runways, harbors, rivers, and environmentally sensitive areas where a maze of underground utility lines already exist. Microtunneling is a digging process that uses a remotely controlled microtunnel boring machine (MTBM) combined ...

MWRA - Tunnel Boring Machine "Holes Through"

13 Aug 2008 ... MWRA Executive Director Frederick Laskey, Mass. EOEEA Secretary Ian A. Bowles, MWRA Deputy COO Charles Button, MWRA Sr. Construction Manager Kenneth Chin, US EPA Region 1 Administrator Robert W. Varney, MWRA Director of Construction Anandan Navanandan. MWRA - photo of tunnel ...

How a Tunnel-Boring Machine Drills Underground - YouTube

13 Jul 2012 ... Video courtesy of CDM/HMM Joint Venture - For engineering enthusiasts and anyone who's interested in the mechanics of siphon construction, this animation shows exactly how the 110-ton, 300-foot-long tunnel boring machine will drill a distance of nearly two miles, 100 feet beneath the New York Harbor ...

Fort Wayne Tunnel Aims To Keep Sewage Out Of Rivers | Northeast ...

11 Apr 2016 ... Next year, Fort Wayne will start construction on a 5-mile tunnel about 200 feet under the city. ... The city's sewers are kind of like the drain of a sink, and when it rains, the faucet is turned on. As long ... The boring machine will dig a hole 16 feet in diameter, and then crews will pour a concrete liner a foot thick.

Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel - YouTube

13 Oct 2008 ... http://www.intelibuild.com Virtual Construction animation for tunnel project to build 10km long Drainage Services Department storm water collection system.

Gautrain: A new tunnel to solve excess water drainage? - Moneyweb

26 Apr 2016 ... Court to give direction in complex construction claims – M&R. ... Van der Merwe says one option is to expedite the construction of another Gautrain tunnel. ... A tunnel-boring machine could easily cost about half a billion rand and the allocation of costs between BCC and the GMA would be very complex.

Construction methods of metro lines

10 Nov 2014 ... Bottom-up methods (with different ground support methods). Top-down method ( Milan-method). Mining methods Belgian method. German method. New Austrian Tunnelling Method. (NÖT/ NATM). Tunnel Boring Machines (shields). Special methods Caisson. One One and a half Two Two and a half.

Gotthard Base Tunnel - Herrenknecht AG

In the construction plan the geologists had predicted a tunnelling interruption of up to four months to deal with the Intschi zone. Luckily, however, this zone was around 50 % shorter than expected, and the teams operating the machines with the innocent-sounding names 'Gabi 1' and 'Gabi 2' were able to pass through the  ...

Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel

Under the Project, there are 34 intakes to intercept the existing drains or streams. Surface runoff intercepted ... Boring. START. Machine. (Enlarged. compared with. original size). Rock Stratum. Main Tunnel. Adit. A Pilot drill hole with smaller diameter is drilled. down to the adit.

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