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About IGS

A non-for-profit organization established in 2009 in the state of Illinois.

Our 501c3 is pending.

IGS stands for In God's Service, Inc. We believe everyone is in the service of a God (whom ever God that is) "you" believe in.   Our organizational name reflects what we are about in all of our individual projects.   IGS has goals of creating Harmony through the help and participation of others, and hopefully other organizations. Over the years we have realized that creating our own projects would be the way to make the impact we seek.   Our board varies on age, race, gender, and careers. Collectively we have different points of view and work together on our best option for success.   As we continue to grow, we will be documenting everything we do for people to see. "Together, we can make a difference" is a saying that we truely believe in.   Our organization alone can't change the world, but together with other individuals and organizations we can.

We don't believe in putting up barriers to hinder community growth and harmony, we prefer to take them down. We also like working outside the box that has created so many of our problems and mistrust today. While some organizations like building elitist walls; as firefighters, we knock them down to save lives and assist our brothers and sisters.

We seriously and honestly believe that we work best when we just simply work together and we very much welcome any organization that works with integrity and sincerity.





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