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Our Mission is to establish harmony throughout our world.  To join together as brothers and sisters to regain humanity among a scared planet.  Our main area of focus is within each individual program or project.

IGS is a very involved organization. One of our soul purposes is to help people seek spirituality from serving each other. We contribute to community, public schools, disability centers, poverty everywhere, education, and where our help is needed most.

  • We are trying to do our part in the growth of planetary harmony with God. We have visions of ways to be a part of this growth in participation as opposed to just donating. By participating in our programs and projects, you participate in the push for change and harmony.
    Harmony is another word for unity. The basic Harmony of this world relies on the help of every single person
    . Some have money, some have time, but all have purpose.

  • While we accept contributions, we are not asking for just hand-outs, we'd also like to see "participation" in our programs and projects - get involved in your world. We do not seek to be the biggest or the richest, and we're not about money; we seek to harmonize.

  • Thanks for reading our mission on behalf of In God's Service, Inc.

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